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11 October 2019

Three banks demonstrate the cost of compliance mistakes

Compliance regulations are becoming so complex for financial institutions that it can be hard to meet all the standards required when resourcing is so costly.

09 October 2019

SaaS Intelligent Automation levels the playing field for the mid-market


18 September 2019

Why a SaaS process automation platform makes good sense for the insurance industry

With the exception of insurtech, it’s generally accepted that if you work in the insurance industry, getting change projects through is fairly slow. The desire for business transformation and scaling up any existing process automation technology is there, but whether as a...

11 September 2019

What is Intelligent Automation exactly?

For those of us in the intelligent automation industry it can be easy to forget that some people are more informed than others. In our day-to-day existence at work it is easy to flippantly interchange terms. But problems can arise when that terminology leaks into...

04 September 2019

The NHS Expo: Helping the NHS achieve more

As the buzz builds around the NHS expo this week, our minds have turned to the importance of innovation and how technology can help the NHS achieve more. The NHS expo is fantastic opportunity for all involved. Whether big or small, companies up and down the country have the...

06 August 2019

4 processes to get started with intelligent automation in an ITO organization

Getting started is always the hardest part. We’ve all had our moment staring at a blank page and wondering how to kick it off. The cure for this is never quite obvious, some things work for some and not for others. So, In order for you to not start off from square one on your...

12 July 2019

How can Intelligent Automation help overcome regulatory challenges?

With regulation already costing the US finance industry more than $36bn a year, and around £1bn in the UK market, some institutions think regulators may be causing more issues than they solve. More than half of banking leaders think that regulations are hard to keep up with...

08 July 2019

Intelligent Automation in Insurance: New channels and customer experiences

The latest Process Automation technology is not just for insurance disruptors. The trick for traditional insurance companies, underwriters and brokers is how to use the technology at scale in order to compete with insurtechs and more agile smaller firms. What larger insurance...

05 July 2019

Virtual Workers don’t watch Love Island

“Oh my God! I can’t believe Curtis did that to Amy. What a snake”

28 June 2019

Stop your automation CoE assets gathering digital dust.

I recently wrote about the importance of RPA and IA vendors to embed best practice guard-rails into their products to move operating models away from document-based materials in a bid to shift the industry towards the concept of software-driven operating models. 

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