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12 July 2019

How can Intelligent Automation help overcome regulatory challenges?

With regulation already costing the US finance industry more than $36bn a year, and around £1bn in the UK market, some institutions think regulators may be causing more issues than they solve. More than half of banking leaders think that regulations are hard to keep up with...

08 July 2019

Intelligent Automation in Insurance: New channels and customer experiences

How can insurance companies compete with disruptors and their new ways of working? While the changing world of insurance has evidently not gone unnoticed, the question is how can you deliver competitive pricing and new channels of working with insurance legacy weighing you...

05 July 2019

Virtual Workers don’t watch Love Island

“Oh my God! I can’t believe Curtis did that to Amy. What a snake”

28 June 2019

Stop your automation CoE assets gathering digital dust.

I recently wrote about the importance of RPA and IA vendors to embed best practice guard-rails into their products to move operating models away from document-based materials in a bid to shift the industry towards the concept of software-driven operating models. 

26 June 2019

Four Future of Work Trends — New ways of working with Automation

Over the last few months, we’ve had a number of conversations with members of our user community about the future of work and how we see it developing. As discussions have developed, we’ve generated a number of questions around future of work trends. Below we wanted to give a...

17 June 2019

Taking best practices and operating models out of white papers and into your business

The RPA industry has exploded on every front, Intelligent Automation has been born and all other manner of labels now exist, designed to define the way in which Task and Process automation are now infused with Artificial Intelligence. 

12 June 2019

Rewriting the Regulation Rulebook: Ensuring Innovation in the Public Sector

As London Tech Week reaches its midway point, the Business Secretary, Greg Clark, announced the Government is proposing to rewrite the regulation rulebook to support technological change and ensure the UK continues to lead the way in innovation. This new regulatory outlook...

11 June 2019

Intelligent Automation In the cloud

Supported by specialist cloud consultancy, Bytes Software.

Here at Thoughtonomy, we constantly evangelise cloud deployment; but what does that actually mean? And how will that benefit you?

04 June 2019

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare use cases

How can the Healthcare industry use Intelligent Automation to address their key challenges and do more to improve patient outcomes?

29 May 2019

How to meet regulation requirements with Intelligent Automation

With regulation costing the UK finance industry around £1bn a year in HR and technology alone, the industry needs to look for solutions.   

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