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18 April 2019

The Future of Work: Evolving workforces

On a global scale, our relationship with technology is going through an evolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way we operate, from 77% of us now using voice assistants in the home, to a significant shift in the way that businesses and workforces operate –...

12 April 2019

How to transform citizen outcomes with AI & RPA

One of the key ambitions of any Government organization should be to continue to improve the services it offers its citizens. Indeed, as the needs of the public continually change - whether through demographic shift, citizen expectations, legislative or societal change –...

10 April 2019

How can Intelligent Automation increase workforce productivity for SMEs?


29 March 2019

Create a path to Intelligent Automation that works for you

Technology adoption is often driven by the need for a quick fix solution, in a siloed area of a business or specific function. But this approach is prone to ultimate disappointment, as short-term aims don’t allow the technology to really achieve full potential for the overall...

26 March 2019

The Need for Intelligent Automation in Energy & Utilities

The way we consume and deliver energy is changing. In houses everywhere, people now have smart meters, solar panels, and in ever increasing numbers, battery energy hubs, for their energy consumption. For organizations to deliver and support this change, production and...

19 March 2019

3 Ways Intelligent Automation is Shaping the Future of Insurance

Both taking out and claiming Insurance is typically a nightmare few want to ensue — either being passed around on the phone or filling out form after form. In the past, Insurers have been perhaps too reliant on people taking out or renewing new insurance cover with them and...

07 March 2019

Calculating the hidden cost of robotic process automation (RPA)

Should you buy a kit car or the one in the showroom?

For companies setting out on their automation journey with a ‘build your own’ mindset, it’s worth pausing to examine the additional costs in detail, especially given the fact that the burden of mounting, related costs is...

05 March 2019

Intelligent Automation vs Outsourcing

Over the last few decades, outsourcing has been the solution for organizations looking for quick ways to tackle increasing workload or to cut costs. Of course, there’s always more complex reasons for some organizations, such as tax and contractual implications, but for the...

04 March 2019

Can Intelligent Automation really create business transformation?

From a new app to a business wide transformation plan which takes advantage of the hidden data across your business, business leaders are always on the lookout for a new way to transform the enterprise. As business leaders know, successful transformation can be the difference...

26 February 2019

8 UK Public Sector Automation Use Cases

Within any UK Public Sector organisation, the priority is always the same: to enhance citizen outcomes. But achieving this while being mindful of the strain and pressure being put on employees and budget is not always easy, and many organisations are being pushed to breaking...

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