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12 December 2018

Avoiding Armageddon in Energy and Utilities with a Digital Workforce

Last week I spent some time at an energy and utilities conference in the UK. It was attended by a number of traditional providers, challenger start-ups, green energy companies and upstream & downstream partners. Together, these organizations make up the whole ecosystem of...

29 November 2018

Demystifying new technologies within the UK Public Sector


19 November 2018

Making Digital Transformation stick in the UK Public Sector


16 November 2018

Business Process Outsourcing: Automation & Augmentation

The Intelligent Automation market is moving at pace,  it’s disrupting traditional services or people led industries and in-house departments.  On one hand, it is turning the tide on the traditional Business Process Outsourcing. The process of organisations housing large banks...

09 November 2018

Gartner Symposium – event review: Don’t just throw AI at it

Having spent the last few days at Gartner’s European Symposium in Barcelona immersed in a culture frantically forecasting the technology and industry disruptions of the mid to long term future – it allowed me to take stock on the influencing technology trends of my own...

05 November 2018

AI & Intelligent Automation: Know Your Terminology

As technology develops, the rate of new terms can become overwhelming and, at times, challenging to understand. This can be compounded by variations in software, or even definitions between different sectors. You may remember that we previously shared an article called ...

25 October 2018

Accelerating ERPs with Intelligent Automation

 Most organisations of any size will be running a form of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and probably have been running it for a number of years now.  They were implemented for two main reasons. The fear that time was running out for the old systems because of the year...

19 October 2018

Intelligent Automation Opportunities: Progress & Potential

Every executive wants to find new ways to drive growth for their business. But, while this is the ultimate end goal — how to get there is usually less obvious. Of course, there are many approaches to reach organizational goals. You may be one of the many that has taken an...

10 October 2018

Intelligent Automation: For a more engaged workplace

It is understood by most that to get the best from employees requires engaging work. However, for many employees their days consist of tasks such as data entry or copying and pasting from one system to another. And, while these tasks may be business critical, it certainly...

31 August 2018

8 Success Factors to Achieving Intelligent Automation

 1. Define what success looks like

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