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16 August 2018

Future of Work: Humans and digital labor working together

Change is coming. Digital labor, in the form of intelligent automation, is going to change the future of work. And, while there are many people that like to tell you we haven’t been here before. We have, but perhaps in slightly different ways. Since the industrial revolution...

31 July 2018

Automation: It’s a people story

 If you’re a regular reader of any national newspaper, then you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to automation anxiety. The fear of the robots marching just over the horizon and taking over the world. Well, perhaps not that extreme. The story usually goes that automation will be...

27 July 2018

Supercharge your workforce with Intelligent Automation

The modern market is changing. Customers increasingly expect enterprises to deliver an on-demand service as part of their package. Companies are expected to be awake when their customers are awake, ready when they’re ready and speaking their language - whatever that may be.

13 July 2018

What services could you disrupt with Intelligent Automation?

When you hear the word disruption, what do you think of? Silicon Valley? Uber? Maybe you heard it in your last meeting without being quite sure what it means to you? After all, it is a word that is thrown in to business conversations on a regular basis. For me, it means...

03 July 2018

Thoughtonomy CEO, Terry Walby, wins Scale-Up Entrepreneur Award

Huge congratulations to our Founder and CEO, Terry Walby, who has been awarded an entrepreneur award for a second consecutive year - this time taking home the Scale-Up Entrepreneur Award at the 8th annual Enterprise Awards ceremony.

21 June 2018


"Fast growth Intelligent Automation leader continues to recruit top tier partners in US and globally"

19 June 2018

Inspiring Partnerships at our first Microsoft Inspire

 We are excited to be sponsoring at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas between 15-19th, July.  It’s our first time at Microsoft Inspire this year, which is exciting for us as a business, and it has been made even more exciting, as for the first time ever Microsoft is...

29 May 2018

Thoughtonomy’s evolution edition has well and truly launched

I am delighted to have released the latest edition of our award winning platform to allow organizations across the world to exploit the very latest features to underpin their automation and digitization journeys.I am delighted to have released the latest edition of our award...

13 March 2018

How to Achieve Success with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Building upon The Little Guide of Big IAdeas, where I highlighted the different sub-domains of AI and how they can be applied to a virtual workforce effectively, I now want to reinforce the criticality of your subject matter experts (yes, actual people) when creating an...

27 February 2018

How to take your first steps in RPA in the Public Sector

 Here are my top three considerations and pointers on how to take that first step.

Like any new advance in technology, robotic process automation (RPA) has spent the first few years finding its feet, being tested by the market and understanding where its limitations are.


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