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17 June 2019

Taking best practices and operating models out of white papers and into your business

The RPA industry has exploded on every front, Intelligent Automation has been born and all other manner of labels now exist, designed to define the way in which Task and Process automation are now infused with Artificial Intelligence. 

16 May 2019

Why the face of automation scaling success is human; not robot

The ability to scale is one of the most important considerations of any business leader looking to implement automation technologies into their business. Technologies that perform singular, siloed functions with circumscribed outcomes are increasingly being side-lined in...

29 March 2019

Create a path to Intelligent Automation that works for you

Technology adoption is often driven by the need for a quick fix solution, in a siloed area of a business or specific function. But this approach is prone to ultimate disappointment, as short-term aims don’t allow the technology to really achieve full potential for the overall...

29 November 2018

Demystifying new technologies within the UK Public Sector


19 November 2018

Making Digital Transformation stick in the UK Public Sector