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06 August 2019

4 processes to get started with intelligent automation in an ITO organization

Getting started is always the hardest part. We’ve all had our moment staring at a blank page and wondering how to kick it off. The cure for this is never quite obvious, some things work for some and not for others. So, In order for you to not start off from square one on your...

08 July 2019

Intelligent Automation in Insurance: New channels and customer experiences

The latest Process Automation technology is not just for insurance disruptors. The trick for traditional insurance companies, underwriters and brokers is how to use the technology at scale in order to compete with insurtechs and more agile smaller firms. What larger insurance...

12 June 2019

Rewriting the Regulation Rulebook: Ensuring Innovation in the Public Sector

As London Tech Week reaches its midway point, the Business Secretary, Greg Clark, announced the Government is proposing to rewrite the regulation rulebook to support technological change and ensure the UK continues to lead the way in innovation. This new regulatory outlook...

11 June 2019

Intelligent Automation In the cloud

Supported by specialist cloud consultancy, Bytes Software.

Here at Thoughtonomy, we constantly evangelise cloud deployment; but what does that actually mean? And how will that benefit you?

04 June 2019

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare use cases

How can the Healthcare industry use Intelligent Automation to address their key challenges and do more to improve patient outcomes?

15 May 2019

What constitutes success with Intelligent Automation?

What’s the point? It’s actually a question we don’t ask ourselves enough when deploying technology. Perhaps, it seems so glaringly obvious that it’s overlooked. But to get to the point, we need to ask what constitutes actual success? When you implement an intelligent...

09 May 2019


In the UK, Central Government, Local Government, Policing, Healthcare and third sector organisations are looking at automation to augment and enhance their workforces. They’re using Intelligent Automation, or digital labour, to work alongside their current...

18 April 2019

The Future of Work: Evolving workforces

On a global scale, our relationship with technology is going through an evolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way we operate, from 77% of us now using voice assistants in the home, to a significant shift in the way that businesses and workforces operate –...

12 April 2019

How to transform citizen outcomes with AI & RPA

One of the key ambitions of any Government organization should be to continue to improve the services it offers its citizens. Indeed, as the needs of the public continually change - whether through demographic shift, citizen expectations, legislative or societal change –...

29 March 2019

Create a path to Intelligent Automation that works for you

Technology adoption is often driven by the need for a quick fix solution, in a siloed area of a business or specific function. But this approach is prone to ultimate disappointment, as short-term aims don’t allow the technology to really achieve full potential for the overall...

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