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07 March 2019

Calculating the hidden cost of robotic process automation (RPA)

Should you buy a kit car or the one in the showroom?

For companies setting out on their process automation journey with a ‘build your own’ mindset, it’s worth pausing to examine the additional costs of this approach in detail, especially given the fact that the burden of...

24 January 2019

Importance of the Business Case for RPA & AI

Intelligent Automation (IA) has the ability to fundamentally transform how organizations work. The potential applications range from supporting customer service agents to changing resourcing models across the business - and in some cases even creating new services or...

17 January 2019

AI & RPA in Public Healthcare: Transforming Patient Outcomes

We are living much longer than previous generations, while the funding and resourcing for public sector healthcare struggles to meet these expanding demands. The UK population is a prime example of a country living longer, with certain areas such as West Somerset already...

29 May 2018

Thoughtonomy’s evolution edition has well and truly launched

I am delighted to have released the latest edition of our award winning platform to allow organizations across the world to exploit the very latest features to underpin their automation and digitization journeys.I am delighted to have released the latest edition of our award...