Can IoT improve the hospital patient experience?

It’s easy to envy you IoT developers, says Nick Booth: you’re pricey, you’re hot, that’s everything I’m not! With demand for Internet of Things (IoT) expertise outstripping the supply, it’s understandable if code writers rush to complete contracts and hurry on to the next. Who wouldn’t? However, according to rational-minded people at process automation expert Thoughtonomy, many developers are rushing us into a situation which puts the IT into fatality.

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Thoughtonomy, the award-winning Intelligent Automation provider, is today launching the first tool on the market that ensures any business user can develop enterprise-quality automations as standard. The new “Wireframer” feature within Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce® platform, incorporates best practice engineering knowledge in a new simple to use automation builder interface that guides business users through the design phase, reducing development time by 70% and pre-populating new automations with robust, controls as standard.


There are many ways that hospital patients could be protected by machines, but Nick Booth warns that we have to make sure these systems don’t fall victim to developer impatience.Ten days observing operations in Croydon University Hospital has been a fertile breeding ground for ideas to improve the patient experience. I hero worship anyone in scrubs - as both my parents and two of my sisters were either doctors



East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust employs virtual workers

As the NHS looks for ways to consolidate and digitise health services, it has rolled out initiatives to enhance patient outcomes. Alongside this, the ‘Paper switch off’ programme started on October 1, 2018, meaning all healthcare services within the UK have had to switch all GP referrals to be processed via the Electronic Referral Service (eRS).

Robots are not a threat to bankers, say tech firms 

Banks have made large headcount cuts over the last five to 10 years, driven by the financial crash and regulatory changes, says Grant Goodband, client manager at Thoughtonomy. While these external factors cannot be controlled, banks can decide how they react to such external factors, says Goodband: “The efficiency and flexibility of intelligent automation enables bank employees to react faster and in a more compliant manner.” 


Modern healthcare institutions are under more pressure now than ever before to provide adequate patient care and balance their budgets, whether it’s the faltering private US system or the perennially vilified UK National Health Service (NHS), in addition to growing aging populations. 

How AI and analytics made the billable hour redundant

Alex Purvis, client manager at automation platform Thoughtonomy, says the legal sector has been much more proactive at adopting technology because they see the benefits both in terms of employee development and client retention.“ Law firms don’t really have a choice when it comes to adopting technology because the expectations of their clients is rapidly changing,” says Ms Purvis. 


Artificial intelligence robots in Ipswich Hospital

Earlier this year, Ipswich Hospital, run by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust, became the first to use artificial intelligence (AI) robots as secretaries. The hospital has employed 3 virtual workers to free up staff from tasks such as submitting scans and blood test results.

AI could predict which patients require emergency treatment: Computer model analyses a person’s family history, medication and lifestyle choices to see who's most at risk

The study comes just weeks after an NHS hospital trust became the first to use AI robots as secretaries in an effort to cut costs. Ipswich Hospital, run by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust, has 'employed' three virtual workers to free up staff from 'mundane and repetitive tasks', such as submitting scans and blood test results.


AI: A game-changer

Intelligent automation will revolutionalise local government and innovative councils are already using it to save time and money, speed up service delivery and allow staff to focus on delivering more meaningful work, says Phil Sheen


Thoughtonomy puts AI in the business user’s hands with SaaS platform

Thoughtonomy, a leading Intelligent Automation platform provider, has announced the release of fully inclusive enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality within its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. This will enable organisations to enhance the productivity of their workforces through the automation and digitisation of knowledge work, by making advanced AI functionality accessible to business users.

How can banks prepare employees to embrace a virtual workforce

Financial services organisations all over the world are realising the benefits of incorporating digital labour and Intelligent Automation technology into their workforce, with improved productivity, customer experience and innovation. But automation is not just about technology and robots; it can also have a profound and positive impact on existing staff – something that businesses should consider at the outset in order to ensure the success of any virtual workforce implementation.

The value in being heard

To overcome the problem of silos, firms have two potential routes towards data aggregation. The first is to try to use separate point solutions for each function to capture information as and where trading takes place and then address the issue of data consolidation, normalisation and visualisation after the fact. The second is to take a more strategic view and deploy an integrated model that will capture, aggregate and deliver data as needed.

Who should “own” automation within a bank?

NHS deploys digital receptionist programme that could save £220,000 per year

The East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundations (ESNEFT) Trust has introduced an electronic receptionist programme , designed to streamline “time-consuming and inefficient processes”, in a move predicted to save around £220,000 in associated costs annually by July 2019. The automated programme, built by Thoughtonomy, is the first of its kind within the NHS and it is currently being deployed across five specialist clinical units – neurology, urology, haematology, cardiology and nephrology – at Ipswich Hospital. 


NHS Trust frees up hundreds of hours for medical staff through use of ‘virtual workers’ and automation

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust has deployed Thoughtonomy’s virtual workers to eliminate manual workloads, freeing up staff to focus on pa3ient care. It has been well reported that the NHS is under significant pressure, both in terms of financial resources and staff recruitment. The potential of technology to transform the health service and reduce some of this strain has been used by politicians for over a decade now as a ‘silver bullet’, but to little avail.

NHS uses 'AI workers' that are eight times more efficient than human staff

An NHS Trust has started using robots to make routine referrals as part of a drive to cut costs and boost efficiency. East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) is testing the ability of new artificial intelligence technology to conduct administrative work, such as submitting scan and blood test results from GPs to hospital consultants.


Ipswich Hospital 'virtual workers' free up staff time

A hospital has brought in three "virtual workers" to act as medical secretaries work alongside its human staff.The software used by Ipswich Hospital, run by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust, is designed to free up staff from "mundane and repetitive" tasks.

NHS Trust uses AI to streamline referrals, improve patient care and boost employee satisfaction

Working with Thoughtonomy, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust display the potential benefits of AI and automation to healthcare services, regarding improved patient care, streamlined processes and higher staff morale.

Robot medical secretaries introduced at NHS trust

A hospital trust has brought in robot medical secretaries to work alongside its human staff in what it claims is a first for the NHS.The three so-called virtual workers at Ipswich Hospital, run by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust, are designed to free staff up from “mundane and repetitive” tasks so they can spend more time on patient care.

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Thoughtonomy and DigiBlu Come Together to Deliver First Intelligent Automation SaaS Solution in Africa

DigiBlu, the leader in digital workforce implementation across Africa, and Thoughtonomy have signed a partnership to deliver the first SaaS based Intelligent Automation solution in AfricaOrganisations across Africa are now able to benefit from Thoughtonomy's Virtual Workforce® platform, along with DigiBlu's expertise in designing and delivering digital workforces.

Profiling the UK’s 10 fastest-growing technology companies making waves worldwide

Thoughtonomy’s Virtual Workforce programme integrates artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics to emulate human workers in executing existing business processes. While some may worry about the effect the tech has on job security, the company says it frees up time and allows workers to focus on higher value tasks.

2018 Tech Track 100 logo 

Sunday Times: #4 Tech Track 100 league table 


Rentokil robot Trevor kills off mundane processes

Pest control firm has deployed artificial intelligence robots to take out manual processes and progress its learning organisation approach.Rentokil has pressed into service a group of software robots, collectively called “Trevor”, to automate mundane financial clerical and other business process tasks. 


As well as having access to the right specialist technical skills, organisations need to focus on training the broader workforce on automation, to ensure all workers have the skills and competencies to feel comfortable and confident working alongside virtual workers.


Businesses are increasingly looking to intelligent automation as a way to reduce costs, improve customer service, ensure regulatory compliance and, ultimately, to tackle the productivity issues which threaten their future growth.


Making the business case for automation

Intelligent automation is enabling businesses to automate a far wider range of workplace processes, in a fast, effective and accurate way with clear benefits, argues Terry Walby from Thoughtonomy.  



Watch the video interview of our CEO & Founder, Terry Walby, below:

Thoughtonomy is a rapidly growing intelligent automation platform provider (~300% revenue CAGR with 180+ customers). It integrates RPA, SaaS, and AI components into a scalable and adaptable platform that takes a somewhat different approach to addressing inefficiency of people-based services, aiming to disaggregate worker from function


Thoughtonomy Launches New Partner Portal As Its Channel Business Soars

Fast Growth Intelligent Automation Leader Continues to Recruit Top Tier Partners in Us and Globally. Thoughtonomy, the leading Intelligent Automation platform provider, launched a new online portal for its enhanced partner program, as it continues its rapid international growth.


Thoughtonomy on track for 90% channel business target

The intelligent automation specialist has rolled out a fresh partner portal as it looks to increase channel revenues. Intelligent automation platform provider Thoughtonomy has cut the ribbon on a fresh partner portal as it continues to invest in support for the channel.

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Thoughtonomy Launches New Partner Portal as Its Channel Business Soars

Thoughtonomy, the leading Intelligent Automation platform provider, today launched a new online portal for its enhanced partner program, as it continues its rapid international growth.


Selling A.I. - How A UK Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur Is Scaling A Global Market

A.I. is everywhere. Recruiters are using it on their platforms to target the best candidates. Banks have embraced  it as a means to identify patterns of behavior that might indicate fraud. Power companies are deploying it to drive energy efficiency. 

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The GSA are delighted to announce this year’s shortlist for the GSA Global Sourcing Awards. Those selected have demonstrated excellence in strategic sourcing and will go forward to have a chance of winning a GSA Global Sourcing Award on the night of 2nd October 2018. 


Getting started with robotic process automation

A figurative army of ‘virtual workers’ powered by RPA can put an end to repetitive and inefficient workflow processes across different departments. Imagine having an unlimited pool of office workers that you can train to do any task, across any function at your firm; that would be a valuable way to improve your productivity.


Thoughtonomy evolves well beyond RPA

Yesterday I attended the product launch of Thoughtonomy’s new intelligent automation platform, Evolution Edition. Billed as the “last intelligent automation solution you will need to buy” and moving “beyond RPA” it was a good indicator for how automation technologies are developing.

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Thoughtonomy Puts Artificial Intelligence in the Hands of the Business User With the Release of its Latest SaaS Platform

Thoughtonomy, the leading Intelligent Automation platform provider, today announced the release of fully inclusive enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality within its Software as a Service platform. This will enable organisations to enhance the productivity of their workforces through the automation and digitization of knowledge work, by making advanced AI functionality accessible to business users.


This AI system lets you focus on the parts of your job that really matter

A new computer system could “revolutionise” the way companies work by giving staff artificially intelligent helpers. Thoughtonomy, which is based in the UK, has developed software that lets workers hand mundane and repetitive jobs to AI, allowing them to focus on more difficult and important tasks that require human judgment.


Thoughtonomy Partners with Codebase8

Fast Growth Intelligent Automation Leader Drives Continued Global GrowthLondon, 12 April 2018: Thoughtonomy, the Intelligent Automation Company, has announced a new partnership with Codebase8.



Thoughtonomy Appoints Director of Global Channels

 Thomas, joins from Bomgar Corporation where he was Senior Director, EMEA Channels and Strategic Alliances. At Thoughtonomy, Thomas will be charged with development of existing Thoughtonomy partners and recruiting new partners to support the continued international expansion of the business. 

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Exciting New Digital Ops Deal to Unleash Unrivaled Customer Outcomes as Symphony Ventures Provides Thoughtonomy Access to Its Expert Global Workforce

 LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO--()--Symphony Ventures, the global services firm specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA), today announced its formalized partnership with market leading IA platform provider Thoughtonomy.

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A Double Win for Thoughtonomy: Recognised as a Leader in Everest Group RPA PEAK Matrix and FStech Award Winner

A Double Win for Thoughtonomy: Recognised as a Leader in Everest Group RPA PEAK Matrix and FStech Award Winners. Fast Growth Intelligent Automation Company Named as RPA Leader and Cloud Computing Innovation of the Year Winner.



Symphony Ventures lunch/interview frame evolution of the enterprise RPA/intelligent automation market, maturation of buyer demands and strengths/weaknesses of Services players. Thoughtonomy alliance aims to challenge traditional outsourcing model. HfS FORA conference affirmed trends, and reflect major opportunity for evolved Services providers that can make the leap from vendor to partner.

 Tech Market View

Thoughtonomy and Symphony signal rise of Virtual BPO

We stated in our Business Process Services Predictions 2018 that we thought the combination of strategic consulting expertise and platform based intelligent automation in the form of ‘Virtual BPO’ was a potential game changer for UK BPS.


Thoughtonomy to Provide Symphony Ventures With Intelligent Digital Workforce

 Thoughtonomy, the award-winning technology company today announced a landmark contract agreement with Symphony Ventures which provides the global services firm with access to its market-leading Intelligent Automation platform and marks a significant evolution in the business process outsourcing (BPO) and automation services market.



Software robot tech arrives: Are CIOs ready?

RPA technology is coming of age and becoming a strategic play in the public and private sectors. The task for CIOs is to make sure deployments are enterprise-grade.The software robot movement is upon us, and it is entering a stage that requires CIO attention.

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Emerging Tech Hub: Automation vendor Thoughtonomy shifts focus to channel

Automation software vendor Thoughtonomy has shifted its focus onto the channel and is looking to put 90 per cent of its business through partners.

Founded in the UK in 2013, Thoughtonomy is a robotic process automation software vendor which provides a platform that allows the creation of digital workers.


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